Around the World in 90 Minutes is a high-energy show/lecture presented by multi-award-winning author Marty Essen. It features interesting facts, humorous stories, and the best of the thousands of photos he took while traveling the world for his book, Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents.Marty Essen at Santa Rosa Jr College (photo by Kitti Homme)

One part lecture, one part theater, one part slide show, one part comedyŚAround the World in 90 Minutes is the type of show where the audience has fun laughing at the stories, oohing and aahing at the photos, and then, when it's all done, they realize just how much they've learned.

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On December 1, 2012, Marty Essen's first book, Cool Creatures, Hot Planet, was republished as an Kindle e-book (the paperback version is still available, in it's 2nd printing). On April 1, 2014, Cool Creatures, Hot Planet became an Amazon #1 Best Seller for Wildlife! And then, on July 2, 2014, it reached #1 again!

Marty's second book, Endangered Edens: Exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica, the Everglades, and Puerto Rico, was published on January 8, 2016. It promptly became an Amazon #1 Hot New Release in five categories!

Watch the Endangered Edens Official Book Trailer! Be sure turn up the volume on your speakers to hear Callie MaRae's beautiful vocals:

Latest news: On May 7, 2016, Endangered Edens won the National Indie Excellence Book Award for Nature!

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Marty Essen is a Campus Activities Magazine "Hot Speaker" pick!

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